The Washington Times - December 18, 2012, 02:00PM

Sen. John McCain — a war hero, longtime U.S. senator and presidential candidate on multiple occasions — has certainly accumulated his share of knowledge on an array of subjects over the years.

Apparently Emily Bronte isn’t one of them.


Mr. McCain on Tuesday recalled his loss on the classic television game show “Jeopardy!” in 1965. He won the game the first day, but was stumped by the final question on the second day, according to the AP.

He shared the final clue with reporters: “Cathy loves him, but she married Edgar Linton instead.”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you got it,” Mr. McCain said after a reporter answered “Heathcliff” (though, to be fair, not in the form of a question). “And I missed it.”

“And I lost it,” he continued. “And you know what I wrote down? I wrote down ‘Wuthering Heights.’ And the answer was ‘Heathcliff.’ “

“How close!” offered a reporter.

“Loser again,” Mr. McCain quipped.