The Washington Times - February 28, 2012, 09:29PM

Exit polling from Arizona shows that Mitt Romney won handily — but did not do so well among Hispanic voters there, which could suggest his tough immigration stance is hurting him among that group of voters.

Mr. Romney won just 38 percent of Hispanics, which is well behind his 47 percent share of all votes, according to the broadcast networks’ exit polling.


Hispanics made up 8 percent of the total GOP vote — 1 percentage point higher than they did in the 2008 primary. Mr. Romney won 23 percent support then, en route to a defeat at the hands of Sen. John McCain, the Republicans’ eventual nominee.

Mr. Romney outperformed among Hispanics in Florida’s primary last month, but immigrant-rights activists had warned that voters in Arizona would react more negatively to the former Massachusetts governor’s praise for Arizona’s immigration laws and his vow to veto the Dream Act, which would legalize illegal immigrant students and young adults.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum won 31 percent of the Hispanic vote in Arizona on Tuesday.

In Michigan, Hispanics made up just 3 percent of the primary electorate — too small a population for the exit polls to draw conclusions.