The Washington Times - January 18, 2012, 04:18PM

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — As Mitt Romney signed shiny new campaign posters on Wednesday, one voter handed him a yellowed flier that bore the name “George Romney” — a leftover from the campaign Mitt’s father waged for the GOP nomination in 1968.

Unfolding the flier to reveal a photo of his dad’s face under the caption “Romney — A Winning Republican,” the 2012 candidate grinned, held it up next to his own face and posed for photos.


Harvey Coble, who had saved the flier for 43 years, asked Mr. Romney to add his own signature next to the spot where George signed it decades ago. As a high school senior, Mr. Coble had attended a political science seminar where he met George, who was serving as Michigan governor at the time.

“He was kind enough to sign it here,” Mr. Coble said. “Now I’ve got his dad’s signature and his signature on the same poster.”

Seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 1968, George Romney was the early front-runner after being re-elected as Michigan governor. But his campaign derailed after he made comments about being “brainwashed” while serving in Vietnam.

Mitt Romney was campaigning midday Wednesday at Wofford College, where he held a rally with his wife Ann.