The Washington Times - July 22, 2012, 10:38AM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his government is certain that the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah is behind the bus bombing in Bulgaria last week that left five Israelis dead.

The attack by the Iran-backed group is “a reminder that the world’s most dangerous regime must not be allowed to have the world’s most dangerous weapons,” Mr. Netanyahu told Fox News’ Chris Wallace, referring to heightening tensions between Israel and Iran over allegations that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons.


“It’s very brazen — how could Iran be doing this and getting away with murder?” he said. “Because nobody names and shames them. It’s time for all countries to point a finger at the countries behind these attacks.”

Israeli and American officials have blamed Hezbollah for the Wednesday bombing — which killed five Israeli tourists, a Bulgarian bus driver and the attacker — but the militant group has not commented on it, and Iran has denied any responsibility.

Mr. Netanyahu also weighed in on the escalating violence in Syria, saying that if insurgents oust President Bashar Assad, he’s worried that Hezbollah could gain access to chemical and war weapons.

“It’s something that’s not acceptable to us, not acceptable to the United States, not acceptable to the world,” he said. “It’s something we’ll have to act to stop if the need arises.”