The Washington Times - June 15, 2012, 02:03PM

President Obama thinks Father’s Day is a “forgotten holiday,” but you won’t catch him saying it around his wife anymore.

During a lunch with four campaign supporters in Washington on Friday, Mr. Obama told the group that people make a bigger deal out of Mother’s Day than the upcoming holiday for fathers on Sunday.


“There was one year that I got a tie or something and I said, ‘Why is it that everybody makes a big deal about Mother’s Day, and Fathers Day seems to be the forgotten holiday?’” Mr. Obama said. “And Michelle looks at me and she says, ‘Let me tell you what, every day is Father’s Day. You’re always getting a treat.’”

The president was lunching at the Lincoln Restaurant on Vermont Avenue with four winners of a campaign raffle.

The first family is traveling to Chicago later Friday to spend the Father’s Day weekend at their home in the Hyde Park neighborhood.