The Washington Times - March 19, 2012, 11:26AM

Ron Paul has improved on his 2008 GOP presidential run in nearly every measure this year. But one glaring exception is his fundraising, where the Texas representative is actually running slightly behind where he was at this point in the last campaign, according to newly released figures.

The latest report, covering up through the end of February, shows Mr. Paul has raised $33.1 million this cycle. But that’s $1.1 million short of where he was at the end of February in 2008. His operating expenses have also been higher this time — $32.8 million, as  compared to $28.8 million spent in 2008.


But the spending has apparently paid off in the election results. He has improved his vote total in nearly every state this year, with the exceptions being states that changed their formats from 2008.

Overall, Mr. Paul has collected roughly equal amounts of money from high-dollar and low-dollar donors, according to his Federal Election Commission report released Monday.

All of the candidates’ reports are due by the end of Tuesday.