The Washington Times - March 21, 2012, 11:50AM

Mitt Romney continues to rely heavily on high-dollar donors to his presidential campaign, collecting more than 90 percent of his money in February from contributors who gave at least $200.

His fellow Republicans have raised between 46 percent and 54 percent of their money from those high-dollar contributors, and their opponent in November, President Obama, has also raised only 46 percent of his money from big donors in February — even as he raised more than the two GOP front-runners, Mr. Romney and Rick Santorum, combined.


For Mr. Obama that actually is a step backward. High-dollar donors had been only about 40 percent of his fundraising before February.

The Federal Election Commission divides donations into those the campaigns must itemize — when a contributor gives at least $200 to a single campaign — and those that are lower, and are unitemized.

Last month, some reports suggested that Mr. Romney was in danger of tapping out his large-dollar donors, on whom he is so heavily reliant. But the February numbers were far better than his January total.

The four Republican presidential candidates raised $26.9 million in total last month, or about $5.5 million more than Mr. Obama raised on his own. In February, they surpassed Mr. Obama’s fundraising by $9.3 million.