The Washington Times - May 14, 2012, 12:53PM

Having watched the Obama campaign raise money by raffling off dinner with the president, likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is following suit.

In an email to supporters he’s offering a chance for four supporters to sit down for dinner — and all it costs is a $3 donation.


“We’ve done this sort of thing before, and I always look forward to it. It gives me a chance to hear your ideas about turning this country around. And I never turn down a chance to grab a burger or a stack of pancakes — just ask Ann,” the candidate says in his email.

The $3 price tag is also telling. Mr. Romney’s campaign has earned the vast majority of its money from high-dollar donors — far more than any of the other campaigns this year — and the “Grab a Bite with Mitt” move is a way to try to build a list of small-dollar donors and supporters.

The campaign said it will fly the four winners by coach class to an as-yet unnamed destination and put them up in a hotel “with an approximate retail value of $175.” The meal is valued at $35.

For comparison, when Mr. Obama’s campaign ran its contest it put winners up in a hotel room valued at about $200 and put the value of its dinner at $200 — far outstripping Mr. Romney’s modest tab.