The Washington Times - May 17, 2012, 09:59AM

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is blowing stuff up to make a point.

In a “This is Your Freedom” online campaign ad sure to evoke fond memories of Gallagher’s Sledge-o-matic Web ads and send a shiver up the spine of fruit lovers everywhere, the former New Mexico governor drives home the message that the two-party system is failing to address the nation’s biggest problems by detonating a watermelon.


“This is our America. This is what Democrats and Republicans have done to it,” text on the screen reads, above the innocent-looking watermelon, which sits against a pitch black backdrop.

And then — boom! — it explodes, the fruit’s rind and pink insides spill all over the screen.

“Any questions? Here’s a revolutionary idea: Let’s stop electing the same problem again and again. We’ve sen what they can do,” the text says. The commercial then highlights Mr. Johnson’s gubernatorial accomplishments — which 750 vetoes of spending bills, the best record on job-creation in the country and a $1 billion surplus.

And then, borrowing a line from a GQ magazine article, it poses a simple question: “Sanest man running?”