The Washington Times - May 18, 2012, 08:45AM

Rep. Ron Paul’s final fundraising “moneybomb” on Thursday raised more than half a million dollars, giving the Republican presidential candidate money to continue his push to win delegates to the GOP’s convention.

The Texas lawmaker this week announced he was scaling down his presidential bid, saying he won’t be able to stop Mr. Romney from getting the nomination, though he will try to continue winning delegates in order to have a bigger role in preparing the party’s platform and rules for 2016.


The insurgent candidate who changed the rules of online fundraising with his 2008 presidential bid said Thursday’s moneybomb — the name his supporters gave to his intense Internet fundraising bursts — would likely be his last one. Mr. Paul is also retiring from the House after 12 terms this year.

“After leading the fight for individual liberty, free markets, sound money and constitutional government for more than 30 years now, this is likely the final money bomb of Ron Paul’s career,” said John Tate, Mr. Paul’s campaign manager.

According to Mr. Paul’s campaign website tally board, his moneybomb had raised about $510,000 by midnight East Coast time, and stood at more than $570,000 by mid-morning on Friday.