The Washington Times - May 24, 2012, 11:00AM

To prepare for Wednesday’s Senate hearing on the Secret Service call girl scandal, one Hill lawmaker said he read up on the Bible’s most famous prostitution story.

Most of the senators used their allotted time to drill Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan on how he’s responding to the scandal, where a dozen agents are accused of consorting at nightclubs in Cartagena and brought prostitutes back to their hotel prior to President Obama’s visit last month.


But Sen. Tom Carper, Delaware Democrat, chose to recount a story from the New Testament Book of John where a woman is caught in adultery. In the story, the Pharisees ask Jesus if they should obey Jewish law and stone her to death.

“Jesus kept writing in the dirt and — well, all he said is, ‘Let those of you who are without sin cast the first stone,’” Mr. Carper said.

Mr. Carper wasn’t advocating for letting the wrongdoers off the hook, but instead urged Mr. Sullivan to figure out what went wrong, punish the right people and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“The folks who have done these things haven’t just ruined their careers,” he said. “They helped to spoil the reputation of the thousands, tens of thousands of people who have served and continue to serve in the Secret Service.”

But he added a caveat.

“Having said that, none of us is without sin.”