The Washington Times - November 3, 2012, 12:11PM

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Mitt Romney kicked off a campaign stop here by going off script, turning to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and asking: “Have you hit any deer lately?”

The Republican presidential nominee, in the middle of a three-state campaign swing ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, was alluding to Mr. Grassley’s recent run in with a deer, which he announced to the world via Twitter.


“”Fred and I hit a deer on hiway 136 south of Dyersville,” Mr. Grassely tweeted. “After I pulled fender rubbing on tire we continued to farm. Assume deer dead.”

Mr. Romney shared a Cliff Note’s version of the story with the crowd gathered to see him at a jet hanger in Dubuque, and then asked a follow up question.

“Was it delicious?” he asked Mr. Grassley.