The Washington Times - October 4, 2012, 05:57AM

American Crossroads spent $11 million on anti-Obama ads Tuesday, the largest one-day expenditure by a super PAC since the unlimited-money groups were created in 2010, records showed Thursday.

In addition to television ads, the buy includes the better part of $1 million for Web ads, which will go a long way in a cheaper medium.


American Crossroads, which is steered in part by Republican operative Karl Rove, has run ads in several of the nation’s top 50 media markets, according to The Washington Times’ exclusive ad tracker. They include 62 in West Palm Beach, 46 in Virginia Beach, 42 in Tampa and 42 in Orlando.

The new ads focus on President Obama’s record on job creation.

“Staying on Obama’s course means a weaker America every day,” Steven Law, American Crossroads’ leader, said in a statement.