The Washington Times - September 12, 2012, 09:26AM

U.S. Senate candidate George Allen rolled out a new ad Wednesday — a positive spot outlining plans for what he calls “a better future.”

“America is at a crossroads,” Mr. Allen says in the first ad to feature his own voice in the voice-over. “I envision a better future, where job creators are able to invest and grow, free of excessive regulations and taxes. Where we use America’s energy resources to improve our quality of life, college is accessible and affordable, and we stop the devastating defense cuts.”


Mr. Allen, who is running for the seat of retiring Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, a Democrat, is back on the air after going dark in previously-reserved air time last week and instead choosing to reserve his resources for a final campaign push from mid-September to Election Day. A summer ad campaign after the Republican primary in June that featured close associates of Mr. Allen delivering positive testimonials cost about $750,000.

He has lagged behind his opponent, fellow former Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, in campaign fundraising, but has been aided by outside groups like the Karl Rove-affiliated Crossroads GPS and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which have been launching pricey broadside attacks against Mr. Kaine for some time.

The September buy is just under $2 million, and the campaign has reserved $3 million of air time for October, though a campaign official said that figure could increase. Mr. Kaine’s campaign has bought at least $4.5 million in fall advertising time.

The Democrat’s campaign called Mr. Allen’s ad a “drastic departure” from his campaign proposals and career in politics.

“George Allen had the opportunity to address these issues the last time he served in the Senate,” spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said. “Instead, Virginians got a fiscal mess and an economic recession that we’re still recovering from.”