The Washington Times - September 14, 2012, 12:29PM

More than half of married voters prefer Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to President Barack Obama, according to a poll released Friday.

The Gallup poll showed that 54 percent of married registered voters support the GOP candidate while just 39 percent plan to vote for the president. Mr. Obama has a 56-35 edge among non-married voters.


The polling follows a trend that has existed for many years where married couples have supported Republicans in greater numbers, which pollsters suggested is due in part to the notion that conservative couples are more likely to marry out of adherence to social traditions.

The 15-point gap in Mr. Romney’s favor is slightly larger than the 12-point advantage that Republicans held with married couples in the 2008 presidential race, but is less than their 20-point advantage in 2004 and 17-point advantage in 2000.

In 1996 — the first year that Gallup tracked the preferences of married and unmarried voters — Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole held only a 2-point edge over incumbent President Bill Clinton.