The Washington Times - September 25, 2012, 01:37PM

Union-busting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has changed his stance on organized labor — at least when it comes to the NFL.

The conservative Republican, enraged that non-union replacement referees made a last-second controversial call that resulted in his beloved Green Bay Packers losing Monday night to the Seattle Seahawks, vented his frustrations Tuesday on Twitter.


“After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful,” he tweeted. He ended his missive with the hashtag, “#Returntherealrefs.”

The NFL has barred its permanent referees from after working contract negotiations broke down earlier this year between the league and the National Football League Referees Association. The key dispute is over pensions, as the league wants to switch to a 401k plan instead of the defined-benefit pension plans referees have enjoyed for decades.

Mr. Walker, soon after taking office in January 2011, called for most public workers in his state to pay more for their health insurance and pension benefits to help defray the state’s ballooning costs. The move was met with an explosive backlash, eventually leading to an unsuccessful recall election.