The Washington Times - September 29, 2012, 05:07PM

David Letterman, who’s made mocking Mitt Romney a staple of his opening monologue over the last year, on Friday insisted the candidate make an appearance on “The Late Show” before Election Day.

“If he’s not here in 39 days, don’t vote for him,” the talk show host jokingly told his audience on Friday.


Mr. Letterman has been milking a “feud” with the GOP presidential candidate since the secretly recorded “47 percent” videotape surfaced almost two weeks ago. On the tape, Mr. Romney cites “The Late Show” and “The View” as “high-risk” programs where the hosts are anti-Romney.

Since then, Mr. Letterman, who inevitably refers to the Republican nominee as “Mitch” Romney, has insisted he has no bias toward President Obama.

“We just make fun of everybody. It just happens that Mitch is funnier than Obama. It doesn’t mean anything. You can go online and check … I’m a registered independent,” Mr. Letterman said, drawing laughs. “Mitch has got to come on. What I’m getting a whiff of is he’s yellow.

“Remember when he said the first thing he was going to do when he got into office? He was going to put China in their place,” he said. “He’ll do that but he won’t come and talk to me?”

Mr. Romney has made regular appearances on “The Tonight Show,” hosted by Jay Leno, Mr. Letterman’s biggest rival.

The candidate’s wife, Ann, appeared on the Leno show Tuesday.