The Washington Times - August 22, 2013, 09:18AM

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner delivered one of the biggest laughs Wednesday at the New York City mayoral debate when he responded during a lightning round of questions to whether he had ever texted while driving.

“Yes,” Mr. Weiner fessed up, arms crossed, without hesitation — cracking up both the candidates sharing the stage with him and the audience.

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The response stood in stark contrast to some of his opponents, including former Comptroller Bill Thompson, who whistled when asked before admitting that yes, he had, but “I stopped doing it, though.”

Mr. Weiner’s hopes of becoming the Big Apple’s mayor have been plagued by his sexting scandal. The Democrat sent lewd images to women outside of his marriage — though he initially denied that he did so.

But later he admitted that he did indeed shoot off raunchy pictures from his phone and eventually resigned from Congress.

Mr. Weiner, though, continued sexting women, a revelation that has derailed his mayoral campaign.

No word on whether he ever sexted while driving.