The Washington Times - August 7, 2013, 07:54AM

The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee criticized the New York tabloids on Wednesday for spending too much time focusing on the “imploding” candidacy of former Rep. Anthony Weiner and not more on the “serious” candidates in New York’s mayoral race.

Howard Dean said that the mayoral race is “an unbelievable campaign” and is “a New York spectacle as only a spectacle in New York can be with The New York Post and The Daily News covering it.”

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“To its credit, The New York Times is not putting this kind of stuff on the front pages for the most part,” Mr. Dean said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “There is a serious mayoral race with some pretty darn good candidates. Anthony, unfortunately, is not one of them, and I wish that this race would be taken more seriously by the New York media because it is pretty important.”

Mr. Weiner has struggled to get out from under his sexting scandal, which recently picked up speed when new revelations surfaced that the Democrat continued sending dirty message and pictures to women under the alias “Carlos Danger” a year after the scandal broke.

He won some more headlines Tuesday when microphones overhead him calling George McDonald, a 69-year-old GOP opponent, “grandpa” at a forum sponsored by the AARP.

Mr. Dean served as governor of Vermont from 1991 to 2003. He ran for president in 2004, but dropped out of the race following his infamous “Dean scream” in Iowa. He went on to run the DNC from 2005 to early 2009.