The Washington Times - August 7, 2013, 09:16AM

The primary challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell released a new TV commercial Wednesday that says the veteran Kentucky lawmaker is resorting to campaign attacks because he doesn’t have a record to run on.

The narrator in Matt Bevin’s latest 30-second spot says that after Mr. McConnell voted for the 2008 Wall Street bailout, he bragged that “this has been the Senate’s finest hour.”

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The narrator also points to fact-checkers who found that Mr. McConnell’s early attacks against Mr. Bevin — namely his tax history — are “misleading,” “doesn’t add up” and are “like Obama campaign attacks.”

“After 30 years in Washington, voting for one bailout after another, slinging mud is all Senator McConnell has left,” the narrator says.

Mr. Bevin, a Louisville businessman and married father of nine, entered the Senate race last month.
Since then, he has knocked Mr. McConnell for the votes he made during the Bush years, including his support of earmarks, No Child Left Behind education law and the Medicare Part D prescription-drug program, which expanded the entitlement program.

He also is pressing Mr. McConnell to join a breakaway group of Senate conservatives who are calling on lawmakers to use the upcoming spending battles to defund Obamacare — even if the effort leads to the first government shutdown since 1995.