The Washington Times - February 27, 2013, 04:11PM

House Republicans who consistently criticize President Obama’s health care law seized on a tweet from a Democratic political strategist on Wednesday, arguing she’s made their case for them about the perils of “Obamacare.”

The strategist, Donna Brazile, sent out a message on her Twitter account that reads: “What’s on your menu? Just got off the phone with my health care provider asking them to explain why my premium jumped up. No good answer!”


The House Ways and Means Committee quickly sent out an email with the tweet under the subject line: “Q: Why are your health insurance premiums higher? A: Obamacare”

House Republicans have repeatedly tried to repeal the law, scale back its provisions and highlight the hit to consumers’ wallets, citing recent reports that some could see sticker-shock to their insurance premiums, especially among young consumers.

But Mr. Obama’s signature first-term achievement is likely to stick around for good, after the Supreme Court upheld the law in June and the president won reelection in November.