The Washington Times - July 12, 2013, 01:13PM

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says he will not veto a plan to repeal the state-based mandate requiring employers of 10 or more workers to provide health coverage, even though a less-stringent federal mandate has been delayed for one year, according to the Boston Globe.

The newspaper reported that Mr. Patrick, a Democrat, was willing to eliminate the mandate included in Massachusetts’ 2006 health care reform law — a model for President Obama’s law — because the federal mandate that applies to firms of 50 or more workers was set to take effect.


However, the White House recently decided to delay enforcement of the mandate by one year, to 2015.

“I think as long as the federal mandate isn’t delayed beyond that one year, we’ll be fine,” Mr. Patrick said, according to the Globe. “Experience taught us that, here in the Commonwealth at least, employers aren’t deciding to offer health insurance to their employees on account of the mandate. It’s because the programs make sense and they work.”