The Washington Times - July 23, 2013, 06:56PM

A South Carolina congressman finished a hearing whether children of undocumented workers deserve a path of citizenship with harsh words for a leading White House aide, accusing him of being a “self-serving, political hack.”

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy was drawing a contrast between presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer and a pair of young women who testified before his House Judiciary subcommittee in support of immigration reform that would reunite them with deported family members or help them gain legal status.

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Mr. Gowdy said the witnesses were “persuasive” and approached the topic with nuance, but angrily criticized Mr. Pfeiffer for tweeting out a Spanish-language news editorial that criticized House Republicans.

“La Opinion nails the cruel hypocrisy of the GOP immigration plan: allow some kids to stay but deport their parents,” Mr. Pfeiffer wrote on his official Twitter account.

“He summarized this entire debate with that tweet,” Mr. Gowdy told the witnesses from the dais. “So I want to compliment you and thank you for not being a demagogic, self-serving, political hack who can’t even be elected to a parent advisory committee, much less Congress, which Mr. Pfeiffer is.”