The Washington Times - July 8, 2013, 08:01AM

The American Action Network, a right-leaning 501(c)4 advocacy group headed by former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, is launching an ad campaign this week intended to pressure wary members of the House of Representatives to pass what the campaign calls “conservative immigration reform.”

The group’s 30-second spot touts the so-called “border surge” that will add 700 miles of new fencing and 20,000 new Border Patrol agents as “the toughest border security plan ever passed by Congress.”


It also touts support for the plan by “conservative leaders like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush.”

“This is the tough border security America needs,” the narrator continues, urging viewers to call Congress and tell them to pass “conservative immigration reform.”

But the leadership of the Republican-controlled House has said that the Senate-backed bill is a nonstarter and that House members will work on immigration in their own way. House Republicans are scheduled to hold a conference on Wednesday to try to figure out how they will proceed on the thorny issue.