The Washington Times - June 11, 2013, 11:21AM

A major labor union launched a blitz of television commercials Tuesday aimed at boosting support for the immigration bill.

The Service Employees International Union’s campaign, in what union officials called a “seven-figure national advertising buy,” features self-described Republicans, small business owners, military members, former police officers and illegal immigrants who gained tentative legal status under President Obama’s non-deportation policy.


The ads appear to be aimed at swaying reluctant Republicans to back the immigration bill that the Senate was poised to begin debating officially Tuesday afternoon.

“This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an American issue,” Navy Petty Officer Chris Dennison says in one of the five ads.

Curiously, the military members and police officers are identified by SEIU in their supporting materials, but the actors playing small business owners and Republican women voters are not identified by name.