The Washington Times - June 19, 2013, 07:01AM

Even though they might not necessarily be satisfied with their personal financial situations, a relatively small but increasing number of Americans say that economic conditions are improving overall in the country, according to new poll numbers released Wednesday.

Thirty-five percent of Americans say economic conditions in the country are “very” or “somewhat” good — up from barely a quarter of those polled in December.


But that still means nearly two-thirds rate the economy as “somewhat poor” or “very poor,” and 44 percent of those polled say they’re worse off financially than they were a year ago, according to figures released from CNN/ORC International.

Thirty-six percent say they’re better off, and 20 percent say they’re at the same level. Those numbers are virtually unchanged from a survey released last month.

The country appears to be split between optimists and pessimists.

Fifty percent believe the economy will be very good or somewhat good in a year, and 49 percent say very poor or somewhat poor. However, just 7 percent think it will be “very good;” a quarter say it will be “very poor.”

The poll of 1,014 Americans taken from June 11-13 has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.