The Washington Times - June 20, 2013, 12:46PM

Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted Thursday that the immigration bill is like Popeye’s friend who used to promise a dollar later for a hamburger now.

“This Gang of 8 bill is like Wimpy in Popeye. We cannot support border security Tuesday, for amnesty today,” Mr. Cruz said on his Twitter feed, complete with a picture of the aforementioned Wimpy captioned, “I’ll secure the border Tuesday, for amnesty today.”


The immigration bill now being debated in the Senate offers illegal immigrants quick legal status, though it withholds full citizenship rights for more than a decade while the Homeland Security Department spends more money on border security.

Opponents say that doesn’t guarantee results, but supporters say bringing illegal immigrants out of the shadows is the only way to narrow the universe of illegal immigrants and let authorities focus on high-priority cases of illegal immigration.