The Washington Times - May 13, 2013, 03:11PM

The New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition says that the Internal Revenue Service shouldn’t be targeting conservative groups that seek tax-exempt status but that groups falsely laying claim to the tea party mantle have invited it upon themselves.

“While we decry the practice of using the IRS to target anyone, we have not been subject to this scrutiny because we as the original movement do not collect/distribute or deal with money,” Jane Aitken of the NHTPC said in an email blast. “Many of the groups in question are GOP PACs founded by GOP consultants calling themselves ‘tea parties.’”


In a related blog post titled “Legitimate Tea Party Groups Have Nothing to Fear From the IRS,” the NHTPC took direct aim at the Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Nation, saying that those groups “had little or nothing to do with the formation of the legislative tea party movement in 2007.”

“When you donate to them, you may as well be donating to the very GOP candidates that have turned their backs on you,” the NHTPC blog post said. “At the very least, the money is going straight to GOP lobbyists, consultants, and a full slate of employees.”

“The tea party movement in NH remains what it was from the start — an unfounded libertarian effort started by many young people across the nation who still work for your liberty without collecting a cent or automatically endorsing GOP candidates,” the group said. “We don’t claim to speak for you in DC either. We instead will continue to attempt to educate and inform those who will listen, and hope they’ll do the right thing on their own.”