The Washington Times - May 21, 2013, 11:22PM

Vice President Joseph R. Biden joked Tuesday night that President Obama is trying to learn to speak in public without a teleprompter.

During a speech in Washington to mark Jewish American Heritage Month, Mr. Biden asked for the teleprompter in the room to be taken down. Then he poked fun at the president’s reliance on the machine.


“You can’t tell Barack that the teleprompter’s down,” Mr. Biden told the audience. “The standing joke in the office is Barack’s learning to speak without a teleprompter; I’m learning to speak with one.”

He went on to speak for about 20 minutes, and said Jewish culture and Jewish values “are such an essential part of who we are.”

“Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us, us, me – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years,” he said. “And that’s a fact.”