The Washington Times - May 23, 2013, 12:26PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a possible contender for the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, had some harsh words for former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who recently launched his campaign to be the next New York City mayor.

In an editorial board meeting with the Syracuse Post-Standard, Mr. Cuomo was asked about the candidacy of Mr. Weiner, who resigned from Congress in disgrace in 2011 after he lied about sending lewd photos of himself via Twitter.

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“If Anthony Weiner wants to run for mayor, he can run for mayor,” said Stephen A. Rogers, chairman of Syracuse Media Group.

“He runs? He runs,” Mr. Cuomo replied.

“And if we elect him?” Mr. Rogers said.

“Shame on us,” Mr. Cuomo said.

The comments come as Mr. Weiner kicked off his political campaign Thursday.

“I’m not asking people to say forget it, it never happened,” Mr. Weiner told public radio station WNYC. “I made very big mistakes, and I complicated it immeasurably by being dishonest about it.”

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday showed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leading Mr. Weiner by 10 points for the Democratic nomination.

Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah provides the following updates:

“UPDATE: A Cuomo administration official who did not want to be named sent me the following statement: ‘The comment was made in jest - as the governor has said many times he has no plans to endorse in this year’s mayoral election.’

UPDATE: When I told her of the Cuomo administration official’s remark, Marie Morelli, the ‘Editorial / Opinion Leader’ of Syracuse Media wrote in an email, ‘You have the comment in context. You can judge for yourself.’
She also said the paper’s policy ‘is not to release the audio of editorial board meetings.’”

Mr. Paybarah also reports that the skyline portrayed in the banner on Mr. Weiner’s campaign website isn’t New York’s — it’s Pittsburgh’s.

The issue with the skyline on his website was corrected Thursday afternoon.