The Washington Times - May 29, 2013, 10:09PM

President Obama told supporters at a Democratic fundraiser Wednesday night that he’ll campaign in 2014 to defeat Republicans who don’t work with him.

“Any Republican who joins up and says, ‘I agree, those are the right ideas’ — hey, I’m ready to work” with them, Mr. Obama said at event in Chicago to raise money for House Democratic candidates. “But those who don’t, I’m going to be out there making the case.”


The president said if Republican lawmakers are only interested in obstructionism or placating their base, “then we’ve got to figure out a way to work around that.”

“One of the best ways to work around it is to have a Democratic House of Representatives,” he said, adding “we’ve got a great chance of taking back the House.”

Mr. Obama said Democrats, too, “have to be willing to compromise sometimes to get stuff done.”

“We’re not an ideological party; we’re a practical party,” he said.