The Washington Times - November 25, 2013, 11:28AM

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is trucking along north of the border despite a seemingly endless stream of scandal, but he hasn’t ducked barbs from late-night television.

Saturday Night Live” continued to poke fun at the portly mayor, who recently admitted he smoked crack after saying the media never phrased the question correctly in the past.


“Weekend Update” anchor Cecily Strong noted the mayor would have ‘fessed up sooner had reporters asked, “Have you smoked crack?” instead of “Do you smoke crack?”, and even sooner “if anyone had simply asked, ‘Would you like some crack?’”

Last week, Mr. Ford appeared to bowl over a city legislator as he rushed toward the gallery amid heckling and verbal altercations.

“During a Toronto city council meeting in which members stripped Rob Ford of most of his powers, the controversial mayor charged the gallery and ran over a female council member — before he was finally brought down by the third dart,” Ms. Strong said.

Mr. Ford might have the last laugh, though.

According to CNN, President Obama’s popularity ratings are plummeting faster than the crack-smoking mayor’s.

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