The Washington Times - November 25, 2013, 08:41AM

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday an interim deal to freeze Iran’s nuclear capabilities leaves too much in place and gives up the “chance to deliver a body blow” to the country’s program.

“I’ve seen a movie like this before, called North Korea — did not end well,” the South Carolina Republican told CNN’s “New Day.”

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Mr. Graham said Congress may come up with new sanctions that stop Iran’s uranium enrichment, period, because “we’re so far away from what I think an acceptable end game is.”

If Iran wants to engage in peaceful, commercial enrichment, it can accept fuel rods from the international community like other countries do, he said.

He said the Iranian regime is untrustworthy and made up of the “most thuggish people in the world.”

The global community needs to craft an alternative resolution to the Obama administration’s interim pact, he said, so Iran faces an ultimatum: “Take this or else.”