The Washington Times - November 5, 2013, 08:18AM

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday the new health care law is “flawed to its core” and will harm Democrats heading into next year’s mid-term elections, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Mr. Bush, one of many potential GOP presidential candidates in 2016, said the Affordable Care Act will fail to live up to its promises and will not “bend the cost curve” when it comes to health care in America, he told reporters before an event in Milwaukee.


The Journal Sentinel reported Mr. Bush was less forthcoming about his political ambitions. Asked if he’ll run for president, he said, “I’m going to not think about it until the middle of next year, then I’m going to think about it really hard.”

“The thinking part is not really related to the politics of all this, but whether I can do it with joy in my heart and whether it’s going to be right for my family,” he added. “Those are the two considerations.”