The Washington Times - November 7, 2013, 07:45AM

A new poll says Americans, including the uninsured, are liking Obamacare more and more despite its problematic rollout.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll said respondents still had a negative view of the law, overall, but the scales started to tip in favor of the law from September to October, despite well-publicized problems with the website that launched Oct. 1.

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More than 47 percent of respondents said they favor the Affordable Care Act and about 53 percent oppose, compared to 44 percent-favorable and 56 percent-opposed in September.

Among the uninsured, 44 percent favored the law in October compared to about 37 percent who favored it in September.

A increasing share of uninsured persons said they were “very likely” to buy insurance through their state’s health exchange under the law, with more than 22 percent favoring the option in October compared to about 19 percent in September.