The Washington Times - October 10, 2013, 07:34AM

Favorability ratings of President Obama and congressional leaders are significantly worse now than before the government shutdown, a Gallup poll reported on Thursday.

House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, saw the most significant net drop — down 14 points — with only 27 percent thinking favorably of him and 51 percent seeing him unfavorably during a Oct. 3-6 survey, down from a 31-41 percent split in mid-April.


Mr. Obama also saw his star fade by double digits, a 10-point net drop, compared to a rating Gallup took in mid-September.

Gallup notes “there has been more movement in Washington leaders’ unfavorable ratings than in their favorable ratings.”

In other words, the government shutdown that began Oct. 1 is not making any of the nation’s leaders any more popular.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, did see a net uptick of five points, but still has an October rating of 35 percent unfavorable to 47 percent favorable.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, saw their net favorability ratings drop 5 points and 12 points, respectively.

“The Republican congressional leaders, Boehner and McConnell, appear to have taken a slightly larger hit from the shutdown than the Democratic congressional leaders Reid and Pelosi, as well as President Obama, given slightly larger declines in the Republicans’ net favorables,” Gallup said.

Gallup said earlier in the week that the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by 28 percent of Americans, down from 38 percent last month.

“This is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992,” it said.