The Washington Times - October 14, 2013, 08:21AM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is poised to appear in ads that criticized dysfunction in Washington and promote conservative-led states, Politico reported.

The outlet reported that Americans for Economic Freedom, a nonprofit, will run the ads on Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC and nationally syndicated radio shows.


“Washington needs to change, but the president keeps playing politics,” Mr. Perry, who ran for president in 2012, says in the ad, according to Politico. “Conservative leadership is putting people back to work, and families are building their futures. We need more of that and less of Washington.”

Mr. Perry is no stranger to going after fellow politicians in places other than Texas. He has run ads in places like Missouri, New York and Maryland in an attempt to poach their businesses with the lure of low taxes and regulation in the Lone Star State.

Republican governors have touted their leadership qualities of late, noting their states actually balance their budgets and come up with bipartisan solutions to pressing policy issues, while Capitol Hill lawmakers try to dig their way out of a government shutdown.