The Washington Times - October 3, 2013, 10:22AM

Rep. Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi Republican, said it’s not unreasonable to think Congress could change Obamacare as part of a government funding deal because Congress has changed laws in the past, like slavery and Prohibition.

“My goodness, we had a civil war over the Fugitive Slave Act because that was a mistake. … So Congress reverses itself all the time when it makes a mistake,” he said Thursday on MSNBC. “Just because it’s a law, does that mean it has to stay a law forever? The answer historically has been no.”


When asked if it’s an option to fold the debate of spending into the looming deadline over raising the federal debt ceiling, Mr. Nunnelee said that combining the two fights grows more likely the longer the government shutdown continues.

“We’ll have a better feel by this time next week,” he said. “I think that is an option. Let’s just wait and see.”

The government will hit the debt ceiling on Oct. 17 if Congress does not vote to raise it.