The Washington Times - October 31, 2013, 11:14AM

Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania Democrat, said Thursday that the limited health care policies being cancelled under Obamacare are bad for both the individuals who had them and the country.

“If someone has a bad policy where even hospitalization is not covered, not only is that person worse off, but our economy — they’re going to get their health insurance in the emergency room and that’s going to drive up costs for all of us,” he said on MSNBC.


Republicans are using the cancelled plans to show that President Obama misled the country about being able to keep insurance plans people like under Obamacare, while Democrats are saying that the plans being canceled are bad deals and most individuals will be able to get better coverage at a cheaper overall cost through the new Obamacare markets.

Mr. Casey also criticized Republicans for doing nothing to help fix the health care law.

“The problem we have right now in this town is you’ve got some folks trying to fix this legislation … but you’ve got a whole other group of people here who do nothing but root for failure all day long,” he said. “But where have they been when we’ve been trying to fix the health care system for a generation?”