The Washington Times - October 7, 2013, 07:24AM

The Republican Party’s No. 1 gadfly, Donald Trump, has some advice for right-leaning politicians attempting to wade through the government shutdown and potential default of America’s debts.

“If the Republicans would stick together, they could win this thing,” the business tycoon told Fox News on Monday.


Mr. Trump said rifts within the GOP are weakening the party’s negotiating power as they attempt to extract concessions from Democrats.

If they presented a united front, he suggested, they could paint Democrats as a party that is unwilling to negotiate even as its signature law, Obamacare, falters out of the gate.

Mr. Trump gleefully noted the rocky first-week rollout of insurance markets tied to Obamacare, which have been plagued by technical problems in the first week of implementation.

“It’s a total catastrophe, it just shut down. … It is not going to work,” he told Fox.