The Washington Times - October 7, 2013, 10:43AM

If TV interviews are any indication, both parties in Washington are not about to see eye to eye on how to embark on a path toward ending the federal government shutdown and raising the nation’s debt limit.

Democrats say all House Republicans have to do is get together and vote on a “clean” resolution to keep the government open without mixing in Obamacare, as the Democratic-controlled Senate has done, to end the shutdown.


“It is a self-inflicted would that could be healed this afternoon,” Rep. Louise Slaughter, New York Democrat, told CNN.

But Republicans like Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma have different take on the matter.

In the same interview with CNN, he said it’s incumbent upon President Obama and Democrats to “sit down and negotiate” before Congress moves on spending and the debt limit.

Mr. Obama has said he will not negotiate over the nation’s borrowing authority, a second prong of the current stalemate that is increasingly crucial to striking a deal over the shutdown as well.

Given that backdrop, Republicans said they deserve something out of any compromise.

“Why would you pass a debt limit without doing something about the deficit?” Mr. Cole said.