The Washington Times - October 8, 2013, 12:52PM

A Texas Republican congressman said Tuesday he wants to invite the 21-year-old Georgia resident who became a media star last week as one of the few people who found success on the federal Obamacare market — only to see his star fade when he said he hadn’t actually enrolled in plan — to the State of the Union Address so he can meet President Obama.

Rep. Steve Stockman urged Chad Henderson and Mr. Obama to meet up for a photo-op “so Obama can point to someone who personifies his policies.”


Mr. Stockman, like other Republican critics, sees the Affordable Care Act as a law that promises big benefits but fails to deliver.

Since last Tuesday’s launch of — a federal website that’s supposed to help people enroll in private health coverage, often with the help of government subsidies — numerous users have complained about online wait times and technical glitches.

A flurry of news reporters rushed to interview Mr. Henderson when they heard he had broken through the balky website. But it turned out that Mr. Henderson had registered and picked a plan he wants, but hadn’t actually finished the enrollment process with payment.

Mr. Stockman said many media outlets failed to retract their stories, although The Washington Post and Huffington Post were among outlets that printed lengthy clarifications.

The congressman also said Mr. Henderson’s efforts to support Mr. Obama and his polices through a campaign spin-off nonprofit, Organizing for Action, have been under-reported.

“I know Obama can’t wait to personally meet this dedicated supporter,” Mr. Stockman said. “I’m proud to give him the opportunity.”