The Washington Times - September 13, 2013, 03:52PM

A new poll out Friday offered some encouraging news to Republicans looking to hold their majority in the House and reclaim power in the Senate next year, with a newly-released NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finding growing support for the GOP several key policy issues.

Republicans now outpoll Democrats on their handling on such issues as the economy, a strong national defense and foreign policy, while narrowing the Democrats’ edge on health care. Just 27 percent of the poll respondents thought the economy would improve in the coming year, the lowest level of optimism since mid-2012.


However, on other issues, Americans believed that Democrats understood various issues better. Respondents overall held a 28 percent favorable view of the GOP, including a mere 13 percent among independents. This data stands in stark comparison to a 40 percent positive view of Democrats. Similarly, when asked about looking after the middle class, the sample showed that Democrats held a 17-point advantage.

Over the past three months alone, President Obama’s approval rating has stood around 45 percent — a low figure as Mr. Obama struggles to gain public support for possible military action in Syria.

The telephone poll, conducted September 5-8, polled 1,000 adults and had a margin of error of 3.1 percent.