The Washington Times - September 16, 2013, 04:14PM

Former Rep. Ron Paul said the opposition to President Obama’s calls for a military strike against Syria could signal a shift away from the military adventurism that has dominated U.S. foreign policy.

Mr. Paul, a libertarian icon and three-time presidential candidate, said in his weekly column that Russia’s plan to secure and dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile provides some hope that a U.S. attack will not come to fruition.


“The American people have spoken out against war,” Mr Paul said. “Many more are now asking what I have been asking for quite some time: why is it always our business when there is civil strife somewhere overseas? Why do we always have to be the ones to solve the world’s problems? It is a sea change and I am very encouraged. We have had a great victory for the cause of peace and liberty and let’s hope we can further build on it.”

Mr. Paul has been a vocal critic of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has warned that military interventionism has done more harm then good.

Mr. Paul’s son, Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, led the push back against Mr. Obama’s call for a military strike.

The elder Paul said in his column that the Obama administration’s push for military action started to unravel last month after the British House of Commons rejected a proposal that would have paved the way for British military action against the Assad regime, which is accused of using chemical weapons against its won people.

Mr. Paul said that public opinion in the U.S. also turned and the Obama administration decided to take its foot off the gas when it realized that Congress could shoot down his proposal.

“It would have been far better to have had the president’s request for war authorization debated and voted down in the House and Senate, but even without a no vote it is clear that a major shift has taken place,” Mr. Paul said.

“A Russian proposal to secure and dismantle the Syrian government’s chemical weapons was inspired, it seems, by John Kerry’s accidental suggestion that such a move could avert a U.S. strike. Though the details have yet to be fully worked out, it seems the Russia plan, agreed to by the Syrian government, gives us hope that a U.S. attack will be avoided.”