The Washington Times - September 25, 2013, 08:59AM

Sen. Marco Rubio said Sen. Ted Cruz’s 18-plus-hour filibuster may not stop the Democratic majority in the Senate from funding Obamacare, but it will give the American public a better idea of how the law will affect their lives.

Mr. Rubio, Florida Republican, said it will be hard for Republicans to force the Democrat-led Senate to turn against the law — though the debate will show the public where senators stand on the controversial issue.

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“There are Democrats who come from states where people are going to be badly hurt by Obamacare, and they are going to have to explain to people why they are wasting taxpayer money on such a damaging program for the country,” Mr. Rubio said on “Fox & Friends” shortly after appearing once again on the floor of the Senate with Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican.

Mr. Rubio said that all Republicans are united against Obamacare but that they disagree over the best way to go about killing the law. Mr. Cruz’s effort will help the overall effort, he said.

“I don’t see the downside to spending time educating the American people about how dangerous this is, and when you are in the minority, as we are the Senate, that is one of the few opportunities to do that,” Mr. Rubio said.