The Washington Times - September 25, 2013, 01:26PM

While Sen. Ted Cruz had to stay on his feet for his entire filibuster, he got a tremendous amount of help with the talking part, relying on colleagues for nearly 40 percent of the 21-hour-long affair.

A Washington Times analysis of speaking times shows Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican who stayed near Mr. Cruz’s side throughout the night, talked for 3 hours and 21 minutes of the filibuster, giving Mr. Cruz breathers to sip water, chat with his staff, check his iPhone for messages and do leg exercises.

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Under Senate rules, Mr. Cruz was able to yield to colleagues for questions without losing the floor. That offered a loophole that he and his allies made extensive use of, delivering speeches but ending with a question to stay within the rules.

Sen. Marco Rubio helped out by consuming 96 minutes of floor time, including one 51-minute question at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Other senators who came to the floor and ate up time for Mr. Cruz were Sens. David Vitter, Jeff Sessions, Pat Roberts, Jim Risch, Rand Paul, James M. Inhofe and Mike Enzi.

From the Democratic side, Sens. Harry Reid, Richard J. Durbin and Tim Kaine all asked questions of Mr. Cruz — with Mr. Kaine eating up more than 20 minutes of the filibuster.

Mr. Cruz ended up speaking for 13 hours and 15 minutes.