The Washington Times - January 14, 2014, 02:20PM

A group financed by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers is launching a major attack ad campaign opposing two Democratic candidates for Senate who support ObamaCare and praising a Republican candidate for his opposition to the law.

Americans for Prosperity will spend $1.8 million on ads opposing Democratic Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan and Bruce Braley in Iowa, The Hill newspaper reported. The ads highlight their support of President Obama’s discredited claims that all Americans could keep their health insurance under Obamacare.


One ad rolls clips of Mr. Obama assuring voters that they will be able to keep their current health care plans and continues with a clip of Mr. Peters repeating the statement in the House.

“They told us the lie of the year,” a narrator says. “The truth is 225,000 Michiganders have had their insurance canceled, families are losing their doctors and healthcare costs are skyrocketing.”

In another spot, Alliance for Prosperity praises Montana Republican senatorial Candidate, Steve Daines, for opposing the new health care law, according to The Hill.

Americans for Prosperity has reported spending about $20 million since August on advertisements opposing Democrats and defending Republicans with a majority focused on the new health care law.

However, Justin Barasky, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman, accused the wealthy industrialists David and Charles Koch are trying to “buy themselves” a Senate.

“The Koch brothers are worth over $100 billion, so it’s not surprise they are spending a fraction of their fortune to buy themselves a U.S. Senate that works for them and against the middle class,” Mr. Barasky told The Hill.