The Washington Times - January 17, 2014, 02:45PM

New York City voters by a 64-24 percent margin say Michael Bloomberg’s 12 years as mayor were “mainly a success, according to a new poll.

The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said Friday that Republicans, Democrats and independents each felt that way, and black voters considered Mr. Bloomberg’s era a success by a 49-37 percent margin.


“Mayor Mike leaves City Hall with good marks. Two thirds of New Yorkers think his 12-year term was a success, that he made New York a better city,” polling director Maurice Carroll said.

Mr. Bloomberg’s tenure was marked by intense crime-fighting efforts — including a controversial “stop and frisk” policy that some critics equated with racial profiling — and major development projects that transformed wide swaths of the city.

Voters by a 63 - 16 percent margin said Mr. Bloomberg “made the city better” and 61- 18 percent said that criticism lobbed at him during Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration was inappropriate.

Yet only 37 percent of voters said Mr. Bloomberg made life better for them or their family, 21 percent said he made their lives worse and 37 percent said he had no effect on their lives.

They also said Mr. de Blasio should not try to expand bike lanes or ban sugary soft drinks — two signature initiatives from Mr. Bloomberg.