The Washington Times - April 15, 2008, 07:15PM
pope2-1.jpg Yes, there was much yawning waiting for the Pope to arrive. SEE RELATED:

pope3-1.jpg The Honor Guard stood at attention for nearly an hour. pope4-1.jpg CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller and Reuters Tabassum “The Tobe-ster” Zakaria arrive with POTUS’ pool. pope5-1.jpg Uh oh! Chief of Staff Josh Bolton spots The Blogster! pope6-1.jpg The plane! The plane! pope7-1.jpg Cardinals and bishops head out for the greeting. pope8-1.jpg The president gives a wave to the press. pope10-1.jpg The leader of the free world meets the leader of 1 billion Catholics pope11-1.jpg Check out the papal footwear! pope12-1.jpg The Blogster (snapped by the multi-talented Gabriela).