The Washington Times - February 20, 2009, 09:07AM

It wasn’t something you’d expect to hear during a town hall meeting with the U.S. secretary of state. But there was Hillary Rodham Clinton, talking about love before an audience of 2,000 and millions more on live South Korean television.

“How does anybody know about love? If you can describe it, you may not fully be experiencing it,” she mused when a student at Seoul’s Ewha University asked her how she knew that she loved Bill Clinton.


“My husband is my best friend,” she said. “We have an endless conversation [and] we never get bored.”

Mrs. Clinton visited the world’s largest women’s university as part of her outreach to ordinary citizens during her first overseas trip since taking office. All but one question during the hour-long town hall meeting were personal, having to do with her upbringing, family and career.

“I feel more like an advice columnist than a secretary of state,” she said.

She then went on to tell the students, who weren’t shy about expressing their admiration for her, that “personal relationships are really what’s important in life.” She quoted a scientist friend who told her not long before she died, “I’ve loved and been loved. And all the rest is background music.”